Please mind, we do not offer erotic massage. Avoid misconception!

Life begins after the massage

Only 3 minutes and you are ready to give a massage certificate.
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About the Yaffo studio (Massage Lab Jaffa)

(200 meter away from salame metro station)
The Yaffo studio is located in popular area with great atmosphere, 200 meter away from the sea promenade and 300 meters away from the flea market, where you can find good food and interesting shops. In the studio we offer a snacks, calming or energizing tea and carefully selected massage technics.
services and prices
Deep tissue massage
Couples massage
Face muscles massage and skin hydration
Buccal face massage
Sports massage (before or after competition)
Medical massage (lumbar/cervical pain)
ANMO massage (no oil)
Hot stone massage
Relaxing massage
30 min.
Massage on the go (back/legs/hands)
190 ils
45 min.
Basic bodywork
240 ils
60 min.
Full bodywork (depends on body structure)
299 ils
75 min.
Extended bodywork
360 ils
90 min.
Infinite bodywork
430 ils
Our team consists of certified and experienced therapists
  • Pavel
    Qualified therapist, founder and owner of the place
  • Yulia
    Qualified therapist and co owner of the place
  • Genia
    Qualified therapist and co owner of the place
  • ilya
    Qualified therapist
  • Adi
    Qualified therapist
  • Galina
    Qualified therapist and fittness trainer
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5 reasons to choose us
  • Deep, mild and accurate touch
  • Instant booking and chat (explain us your needs/problems)
  • Get massage from the owners
  • Authentic area near the flea market and the seashore in Jaffa next to clock tower
  • If you don't enjoy during the first 10 minutes, you won't be charged!
Willy Brandt 3 Tel-Aviv.
Opening hours:
every day from 10 am to 9 pm
friday 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday 10 am to 9 pm
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